Unveiling Occupational Health: Exploring Industrial Hygiene with MyTERA

3 min readJan 26, 2024

In our recent YouTube series “Unveiling Occupational Health” we took viewers on a four-part exploration of the dynamic world of industrial hygiene hosted by Lindsay Lee, Project Manager at Acoer, and Jeff Miller, CEO and Founder of MyTERA. In this blog post, we dive into each part and cover a wide spectre of topics, ranging from workplace hazards to the vital role communities play in shaping safer work environments. The special focus of all four parts is how MyTERA, a platform for managing occupational health hazards, helps streamline the challenges of regulatory complexity and eliminates data fragmentation, whilst cutting the completion time of occupational health risk assessments from 40 hours to 4 minutes! Let’s explore each of the four parts below!

Part 1: Unveiling Occupational Health

In this episode, Lindsay and Jeff introduce industrial hygiene, its historical roots, and its crucial role in safeguarding workplaces. Industrial hygiene has evolved over centuries, focusing on preventing illnesses by identifying and mitigating health hazards. Jeff, a certified industrial hygienist, sheds light on the current environments where industrial hygienists typically work, emphasizing the challenges faced in supporting smaller companies. We also conclude by highlighting the impact of workplace hazards on employee health and the urgency for innovative solutions like MyTERA.

Part 2: Real Life Situations in Occupational Health

The second episode delves into real-life situations, exploring why work-related illnesses and deaths persist. Jeff explains the challenges of protecting workers from countless chemicals, the shortage of certified industrial hygienists, and the lack of coverage in OSHA inspections. The relevance of occupational health spans various workplaces, from manufacturing to office settings, impacting workers’ health. Increased awareness of industrial hygiene is crucial, contributing positively to workers’ health and safety across different sectors.

Part 3: What is MyTERA?

In the third video, Jeff introduces MyTERA, an occupational health platform designed to simplify exposure risk assessments. MyTERA utilizes Hedera, a public distributed ledger technology (DLT), to enhance workplace safety, ensuring data validation and authenticity. The platform aims to streamline data, providing a holistic understanding of occupational health risks. Jeff emphasizes MyTERA’s contribution to addressing environmental and health risks, by offering a secure protocol for data sharing and validation.

Part 4: Community — How Can the Community Help and Get Involved?

In the final segment of the series, we focuse on the community’s role in addressing occupational health hazards. Jeff shares real-life incidents illustrating the broader impact on communities, the need for innovative solutions such as MyTERA. Engaging both the workforce and the community is vital, with awareness and education playing crucial roles. Together, we strongly encourage wider community participation in initiatives to build a safer and healthier future.

This series provides valuable insights into industrial hygiene, workplace safety, and the innovative approach MyTERA offers. With a focus on prevention, community involvement, and cutting-edge technology, we highlight the importance of fostering a safer and healthier work environment. To explore MyTERA further and make a difference in your workplace, visit their website at https://mytera.io/. Stay informed and stay safe!




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