Harnessing Data for Informed Healthcare: Health Data Explorer and HealthReady

3 min readOct 29, 2023

In the healthcare sector, data is abundant yet often remains siloed within disparate IT systems, leading to a significant gap in interoperability. This fragmentation not only hampers real-time decision-making, but also slows down collaborative efforts across different healthcare stakeholders. Even when data is successfully shared, it is often poorly organised and making sense of it requires innovative solutions. At Acoer, we recognize the imperative to bridge this divide and unlock the full potential of healthcare data. In this blog post we will explore two of our products, Health Data Explorer, designed to transform complex healthcare data into actionable insights, and HealthReady, an app transforming clinical trial research. We will also highlight our Acoer Platform, the foundation we used for the development of these products!

Health Data Explorer: Enhanced Health Data Reporting

Accurate and trustworthy data is a crucial part of any healthcare ecosystem, offering insights into disease patterns, potential public health threats, and more. Yet, the data collection and processing are often bogged down by manual data handling and a lack of real-time analysis.

This is why we have created Health Data Explorer, a robust platform engineered to revolutionize health data reporting. By transforming your health data into a visual, interactive dashboard, Health Data Explorer streamlines the analysis process, making it easier for professionals to derive meaningful insights swiftly.

Health Data Explorer: An Example Dashboard

With the ability to filter data based on specific diseases, locations, counts, and dates, our tool provides a cleaner and more informative user experience. This level of detail, paired with a user-friendly interface, empowers health professionals to make informed decisions faster, ultimately contributing to a healthier society.

HealthReady: Pioneering Patient-Driven Clinical Research

The modern healthcare landscape is shifting towards a more patient-centric model, and at Acoer, we’re at the forefront of this transition with HealthReady. Through its integration with the Hedera network, HealthReady strives to enhance the quality of data in clinical trials, particularly for rare diseases such as Neuroblastoma, as well as enable better patient identity management.

Health Ready App: Transforming Clinical Research

HealthReady facilitates a new era of clinical trials, where patients play a more active role in the research process. By aligning the interests of researchers and patients, HealthReady is not only transforming clinical research, but is also accelerating new medical discoveries that could improve patient outcomes, especially for rare diseases.

Acoer Platform: A versatile tooldbox

At the heart of both HealthReady and Health Data Explorer lies the Acoer Platform, a robust foundation built on top of blockchain technology. For this, we harness the power of Hedera Hashgraph in order to ensure a high level of trust and interoperability across all data transactions. You can learn more about the technology behind the Acoer Platform in our previous blog post!

Acoer Platform

Both Health Data Explorer and HealthReady epitomize Acoer’s commitment to leveraging new technologies to solve real-world healthcare challenges. By unlocking the full potential of healthcare data, we hope to enhance the efficiency of medical processes and make significant strides towards a healthier world.

If you are interested in learning more about Health Data Explorer or HealthReady please visit our website or reach out to our team!




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